Amherstburg is in Southwestern Ontario and is nestled on the shores of the Detroit River and Lake Erie.  It is just 25 short minutes from the Windsor/Detroit border.  It is renowned for its beautiful shoreline and unique island, Boblo.  This quaint town is home to approximately 21,000 residents.

Deemed as one of the prettiest and oldest communities in Southwest Ontario, Amherstburg is steeped in rich history.  You will see authentic War of 1812 sites, hear the history of the Underground Railroad and experience our nation’s culture through its museums and galleries.

Due to its long growing season and relatively mild winters, Amherstburg is rich in agricultural resources.  Considered the gateway to magnificent wineries Amherstburg has three wineries right in its backyard! 

These areas are where the greatest concentration of development has already occurred, or has been planned for, and are areas located within sanitary sewer service areas.

The old Town of Amherstburg has the greatest concentration of support services such as parks, open space, schools, churches, social services, medical services, commercial facilities and employment opportunities.

Even after services were upgraded in McGregor, and installed in Amherst Point, Bar Point and Lakewood Beach, development activity in these areas will continue to be limited as the sanitary sewerage service was primarily designed to address existing problems and existing development.

In the areas north, south, and east of Amherstburg (old town), there are approximately 650 to 700 acres of land that is a logical extension of the existing development pattern.

Additionally, there are existing lots and vacant lands on Bois Blanc that are proposed for development.

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